MENU Bookham Tennis Club

Bookham Tennis Club: Use of the South Bookham SPACE

Bookham Tennis Club members have

  1. The exclusive use of the Outer SPACE multi-use games area, changing rooms/WCs and small meeting room during the two club sessions per week i.e. Thursday evenings (6.00 – 9.30pm) and Sunday mornings (9.00am - 12.00pm;
  2. The non-exclusive use of the multi-use games area, changing rooms/WCs at all other times unless those facilities have been hired to another user on an exclusive basis.
  3. The posts and net for Outer SPACE are stored in bench box next to Outer SPACE. These must be set up and taken down before and after each session to keep them in good condition and for the sake of other users.
  4. There is a defibrillator is in the corridor between the changing rooms, and a first aid box in the kitchen.

BTC also has non-exclusive use of the car park at all of the above times.

On most evenings the main hall at SPACE is used by other organisations.  Please be respectful of these other users, do not enter the main hall and pleas emminimise noise if using the kitchen. There are often Private Hires of the main hall, particularly at weekends and at those times tennis club members should only use the changing rooms.

How to access the South Bookham Outer SPACE and SPACE changing rooms and meeting room.

  2. Please take the keys to the changing room corridor or meeting room doors from the floodlighting cabinet.
  3. Unlock and access the changing room or meeting room from the outside.
  4. If the alarm starts to beep, enter the new BTC alarm code. Alarm should stop.
  5. On leaving, please ensure the alarm is re-armed by entering BTC code, make sure doors are locked shut and keys returned to the floodlight cabinet.
  6. If alarm doesn’t bleep on entering, someone else is in the SPACE and so no need to enter alarm on entering or to reset alarm on leaving . But please make sure doors are locked shut and keys returned to the floodlighting cabinet.
  7. The switch to the Outer SPACE floodlights is on the left as you enter the door to the changing rooms. Just turn the switch once to the ON position to switch the lights on. The floodlights will take about 10 minutes to be fully lit. Please switch off after use, by turning switch once to OFF, UNLESS there is another user about to follow your session. The floodlights can only be used from 3.30pm and will cut off automatically at 9.30pm for the sake of our neighbours.

I’m happy to show people the procedure and do hope that you make full use of the SPACE facilities. Trevor Goul-Wheeker